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dynamic table "date" type column does not save row throws invalid error


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      Category 1
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      00965666, 00991914



      When defining a column in a dynamic table in a form, the type 'date' when end user is populating dynamic table and select a date, it will fail to persist the selection and some times throw error. Refreshing the page does not seem to correct this issue.

      This fails in just the "workspace" implementation and not in the "activiti-app" form end user implementation.

      Replication Steps

      • Import attached app, publish/deploy
      • Test with activiti-app and process workspace
      • Start process
      • Click on user task
        note: form has a dynamic table with a row that has string, date, string column (required is unchecked on all)
      • Click plus sign to add row to dynamic table
      • Expands to show the three fields, enter values for all (select date from date selector)
        note: there are two 'save' buttons on this view (this is confusing), click the save button on left directly under the entered field values (next to cancel)
      • Try to add more then one row, try to add even with out populating date field

      Expected Behavior

      • The dynamic table will save 1-N rows when populated when there is a date type column in the dynamic table

      Actual Behavior

      • The dynamic table, fails with error 'Invalid col2date format' renders (note:col2date is id of that date column in dyn table)


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