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"Publish to Alfresco" not able to select variable/content from "Generate Document" task


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      • The "Generate Document" task uses a variable for the generated document.
      • You can use the "Display value" and select that 'variable' and it will render the generic document.
      • The "Publish To Alfresco" task does not list that variable in the list for the configuration "Publish content uploaded in field" with form field/variables.

      Replication Steps

      • Import attached APP
      • Use process editor and go to the 'Publish to Alfresco' task
      • Try to select the variable 'thegenerateddoc' to publish to Alfresco

      Expected Behavior

      • The "Publish To Alfresco" task should list the 'variable' for the document created from the 'Generate Document" task

      Actual Behavior

      • The "Publish to Alfresco" task does not list the variable in selection from the "Generate Document" task, therefore can not specifically select that document to publish to Alfresco.

      Additional Information

      • The selection "Publish all content uploaded in process" in "Publish To Alfresco" task: this will push the generated documents/related content to ACS
      • Generated document variable is in the act_ru_variables table
      • Generated document is in the RELATED_CONTENT table but column related_content=false

      Work around

      • Use the "Publish all content uploaded in process" which is not appropriate if you are selectively publishing content to possibly different locations in Alfresco or do not want 'all' docs pushed to Alfresco


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