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Search within a site using the Site scope finds no results


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      Customer is attempting to search using the "Quick Search"  Customer is confused by the search results when searching within the scope of the site.  If the "Site" scope is selected first, the Search works as expected.  If the search is completed without selecting the "Site" scope and then the Site Scope is selected and search is again executed, no results are returned.  

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a Site.

      2. Navigate to the site document library.

      3. Add a Folder and a document (I used 1512952462759_PdfSSMR.pdf)

      3. Remain on the site and search for the newly added document. Notice that the document appears in the search results.

      4. Search for the document again, however, instead of leaving the scope set to "Repo," in the right hand corner, change the scope to "<Current Site>" using the link and search again.

      Expected result:

      Search results within the site should appear again

      Actual Result:

      0 Results found.

      No search results found.





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