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Add task filter does not check for duplicate filter names and allows the customer to create multiple filters with the same name


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      Summary of the Issue

      1. When customers create filters using activiti-app or process workspace, APS allows the creation of filters with duplicate names
      2. Since this opens the door for having multiple filters with the same name, the customer is asking for a warning or check that prevents the filter from being created if it has the identical name as an existing filter

      Steps to reproduce the issue

      1. In activiti-app, navigate to the task page in any process app and click on the "New Filter" icon to create a custom filter
      2. Fill in the blanks, and provide a name "My Filter"
      3. Repeat the process of step1 and step2

      Current behaviour
      One can create several task filters with the same name.

      Expected Behavior
      APS either throws the warning or prevents the creation of a task filter with the same name

      Please find the screenshot from both the activiti-app and OOTB workspace task pane.





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