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My Activities dashlet avatar render failure in Share Dashboard when using Kerberos SSO


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      When accessing Alfresco Share Dashboard the dashlet "My Activities" lists the documents recently accessed by the user. The user's avatar (either the default user icon or a custom icon) is displayed next to each recently accessed document listed in the dashlet.

      When Kerberos SSO is used to access Share from a browser the user lands directly on the Share dashboard. In this case the user's avatar is not rendered. Depending on the browser used to access Share, either a a broken image icon or cross is displayed.

      Steps To Reproduce
      1. Install Alfresco 5.2.4 out of the box. Configure LDAP-AD and Kerberos Authentication. Ensure an external user (e.g. testuser1) is imported into Alfresco from LDAP-AD.
      2. Important: ensure the <alfresco_home>/tomcat/shared/classes/web-extension/share-config-custom.xml is configured with reference to the documentation in
      3. From a PC client joined to the AD domain, login as testuser1, run the IE browser and connect to http://<hostname>:<port>/share
      4. Verify that you land directly on the testuser1 Share dashboard. This confirms Kerberos SSO is used for authentication.
      5. Upload some documents to the repository, then preview them to create some Share activity.
      6. Connect again to Share from IE and check the Share Dashboard My Activities dashlet.
      The My Activities dashlet displays the user avatar next to the documents previewed in step 5.
      The user avatar is not displayed. Also, if f testuser1 is made a member of ALFRESO_ADMINISTRATORS then Admin Tools > Node Browser is available from Share. In this case when running the Chrome browser > Admin Tools > Tools > Node Browser returns the error pop up
      Failed to get store list
      Debug Info
      The avatar request GET /share/proxy/alfresco/slingshot/profile/avatar/testuser returns an HTTP 500 which can be observed in a Fiddler trace run on the PC client. See the attached screenshot. There is no exception logged by Alfresco. The complete Fiddler trace file 524_Kerberos_SSO_Share_Avatar_Fail.saz is also attached.


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