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Quickshare - Content with image previews cannot be downloaded


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      Category 3
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      00972356, 00982690

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      Problem Description

      When visiting a quickshare link of an image file, or any file that only has an image preview available, there is no option to download the original file without logging in. Other file previews (pdf, for example) have a Download button that allows the user to download the PDF preview or the original file. For content that has no preview, there is a link provided to download the original file. It seems only image previews prevent the user from downloading the original content.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Upload an image file, such as a png.
      2. Share the file, copy the quickshare link, and log out.
      3. Go to the quickshare link.

      Expected Result

      There is an option to download the original image file.

      Observed Result

      There is no link to download the original content.


      • If the original content was an image file, it is possible to right click and "Save Image File..." to download the preview, but this will not be the original image. It can be a reduced quality image and possibly in a different format from the original.
      • If the original content was not an image file and was transformed to a thumbnail image, but not transformed to a PDF, the preview will use the thumbnail for preview. So the original content will not be downloadable in any format.


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