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APS 'Retrieve Alfresco Properties' task sets date types to string types


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      When you use the 'Retrieve Alfresco Properties' task, with 'date' type fields/variables, both defined on ACS and APS side, the variables are set a type 'string' not 'date'.

      Replication Steps


      • using CMM import the attached content model ( Modele_Facture.zip ) into ACS
      • create/upload content in site for user that is also in APS
      • change content type to facture type form CMM
      • edit and set properties for custom model on the content


      • import attach APP ( TestACSMetadataMappingPrinting.zip )
      • make sure your ACS is included in your IDM tenant
      • make sure the user is the same one as in ACS
      • make sure user pass/login for ACS is defined in their profile
      • edit the process start form, attach from acs field(s), select your ACS endpoint and location for files
      • save, publish/deploy APP
      • start process
      • select file from ACS with type/properties for each field
      • start process
      • check log output in console, script task is logging variable values, all the dates from the 'Retrieve Alfresco Properties' highlighted in yellow

      (APS activiti-admin)

      • go to process instance view variables

        those from 'Retrieve Alfresco Properties' are highlighted in yellow
        those from the form field mapping are highlighted in green
      • all date fields from the 'Retrieve Alfresco Properties' are type 'string' not 'date'
      • all the date fields from the form field limited to Alfresco only source mapping are 'date' as expected

      Expected Behavior

      • When using 'Retrieve Alfresco Properties' task, the variable type should be type 'date' when mapping a 'date' type (date/datetime) content model property from ACS to 'date' type variable in APS

      Actual Behavior

      • When using 'Retrieve Alfresco Properties' task, the variable type is type 'string' when mapping a 'date' type (date/datetime) content model property from ACS to 'date' type variable in APS

      Work Around

      This is only applicable IF the selection is restricted to Alfresco endpoint and not 'all file sources' on form 'attach file' field.
      This is only useful for a few use cases.

      • On the form for the 'attach file' field, selet source as a Alfresco endpoint
      • This allows mapping immediately of the Alfresco properties to process variables, you will not need the 'Retrieve Alfresco Properties Task'
      • This also provides 'date' and 'datetime' variable types

      Additional Information

      • (likely main src issue) The date variable is incorrectly set to string with "REST API" ref: MNT-18226.
      • Process variables do not provide all the possible variable types ref: MNT-18630 (choices are only: string, integer, boolean, people, group, date)
      • The variable types in the form field map of attach file from Alfresco actually is different to the Process global variable types, (choices are : date, datetime, number, string, boolean). BUT form field type options includes 'datetime', whereas process variable only has date type.


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