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Incosistent behaviour for required form fields and form completion button


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    • Affects Version/s: Alfresco Process Services, Alfresco Process Services
    • Component/s: APS End User App
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      APS in AWS
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      There is inconsistent behaviour for required form fields if those are hidden via visibility conditions. A normal hidden required field does behave different compared to a hidden required field under a header, where the completion of the form is once allowed and once the complete button is greyed out.

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Via App Designer import and publish the attached app "Manadatory Field Issue.zip"
      NOTE: The app comes with a simple process (start event->user task->end event). The user task references a form that demonstrates the issue
      2. From the published app on the landing page, start a new process
      3. Open the created user task and its form and note, that the "Complete" button is currently greyed outĀ 
      4. Tick the checkbox "Make field visible"
      5. Fill in a value in the appeared field "Mandatory Field", e.g. "Hello World"
      6. Note, that the "Complete" button is still greyed out.
      7. Remove the filled in text from "Mandatory Field" and untick the "Make field visible" checkbox
      8. Tick the checkbox "Make header visible"
      9. Fill in a value into the field "Mandatory Field Under Header", e.g. "Hello World"
      10. Inspect the "Complete" button

      Expected Behaviour
      The behaviour should be the same for both cases, a normal required field with visibility condition and a required field under a header with a visibility condition.

      Observed Behaviour
      The behaviour is inconsistent. The "Complete" button is greyed out once but becomes active when entering a value just for the field under the header. It is up to PM and engineering to decide which behaviour is correct and make the behaviour consistent for both cases.

      Supporting Evidence

      • Reproduced in current latest APS release and as well in APS release
      • Please see the attached app for reproduction
      • Issue can be reproduced in activiti-app but also in the Process Workspace application

      Customer Impact
      The customerĀ has a workaround to set the visibility condition on the container and on the field. Their requirement is to have checkboxes, that when ticked show a complete new form section with mandatory fields.





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