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      [Problem Description]

      Passthru SSO does not work for Share in Alfresco 5.2.4 and When Share is accessed, the Alfresco Server responds with a HTTP-302 response instead of the required HTTP-401.

      Passthru SSO works fine for webdav and for Alfresco Server gives the correct HTTP-401 response when webdav is accessed.

      [Steps to Reproduce]

      1) Install Alfresco 5.2.4 or and configure it for Passthru SSO

      2) Access webdav - http://<host>:port/alfresco/webdav and you will get successful SSO

      3) Access share - http://<host>:port/share and you will get a Share login page

      [Expected Result]

      Share Passthru SSO works fine and bypass the login page redirecting to the user's dashboard.

      [Actual Result]

      Share Passthru SSO fails and redirects to /share/page?pt=login.


      1) Replacing the files SSOAuthenticationFilter$1.class and SSOAuthenticationFilter.class in tomcat/webapps/share/WEB-INF/classes/org/alfresco/web/site/servlet from Alfresco v5.2.2, it allows successful Passthru SSO.

      2) Replacing the file SlingshotRemoteClient.class in tomcat/webapps/share/WEB-INF/classes/org/alfresco/web/scripts, it fixes the 500 errors for this issue


      • Note: I have attached an example of my configuration files which works fine on Alfresco v5.2.2 and also with the workaround mentioned above. I have also attached two Fiddler trace showing the results with the workaround and without it.


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