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ACS Share document has an Taggable Aspect of value of Null added after editing title


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      After uploading a Document to Alfresco via the share interface and then editing the title we see that the document has a Taggable Aspect of value of Null.

      Steps to reproduce

      • Upload a file to Share UI
      • Check that node using Node Browser
      • There is not taggable aspect/property
      • Update title using "Edit Properties" action but do not touch tags
      • Check that node using Node Browser
      • There is now a taggable aspect with null property 

      Expected Behaviour


      Should not be added a value unless you add one yourself

      No value in node browser for cm:taggable after editing the title.

      Please note:

      When using the Rest API to update the Title value we do not see any value added to the CM:taggable aspect.

      REST API, https://api-explorer.alfresco.com/api-explorer/#!/nodes/updateNode which updates node directly using alfresco, and no value is see for cm:taggable


      Observed Behaviour

      No value in node browser for cm:taggable after uploading a file, but when you edit the title you get this.

      Name Type Value

      cm:taggable d:category null


      Customer Notes


      As I mentioned in my initial description, there are at least 2 side effects: 

      1. There is useless info stored in DB (applied taggable aspect + taggable property with null value) 

      2. Webscripts responsible for tagging should have null check condition in order to work properly (quicker) 
      For example, tagQuery.get.js should contain 
      query += " AND ISNOTNULL:\"cm:taggable\""; 

      In our environment, we have 362 626 nodes with taggable aspect and NULL taggable property. On the other hand, there are just 524 nodes with taggable aspect and "real" value in taggable property. More than 99% of nodes have null value in taggable property. 

      So in case, tagQuery.get.js webscript is called, it will process also useless data especially with Solr6 (Alfresco Search Services). 



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