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Incorrect value for hyperlink form fields using expressions on completed tasks


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      Category 1
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      00979402, 00981173, 01000068, 01001508, 01001691


      If a hyperlink form field is using an expression to create the hyperlink value, the hyperlink is only correct while working the task form but is displayed incorrectly for completed tasks.

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Via App Designer import and publish attached app "link-issue-app.zip"
      2. From the published app on the landing page start a new process
      3. In the start form, fill in a value for the "Some Field" text field, e.g. "Hello" and click the "Start process" button
      4. In the created user task "Task with link", inspect the value of the "Some link" field. It correcty shows "http://google.com/?q=Hello" using the previously entered text value
      5. Complete the task
      6. Review the form of the completed task from the "Completed tasks" filter

      Expected behaviour
      The value of the hyperlink field should be the same as it was while working the task form.

      Current behaviour
      The value of the hyperlink field is not correct and is rendered using the expressiona s defined in form editor, e.g. "http://google.com/?q=${somefield}"

      Supporting evidence

      • Reproduced with current latest APS release
      • Using an expression in a display text form field behaves correctly, the expression is replaced while working the task form but is also displayed correctly for completed tasks.





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