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No preview thumbnail for attached file when starting process from ACS Share using Activiti Share Connector


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      Tested against  Alfresco Share Connector with ACS 5.2.4 and APS 1.9.0, with LDAP synced user exist in both ACS and APS. Also reproduce using demo setup as shown in 

      The issue occurs only for ACS initiated workflows when viewed in the APS task, where no thumbnail preview available for file attached. 

      Steps to reproduce
      # From Alfresco Share and in the Alfresco repository browse to a folder containing files. I've been using a PDF for consistency. 
      # In the list of actions for the file drop the menu down using the 'More' item and select 'Start Workflow'. 
      # From the 'START PROCESS' list on the left side 'Review and Approve - Single person' workflow. 
      # Fill in the required fields and select the 'START PROCESS' button. 
      #* In the APS application at http://localhost:8080/activiti-app/workflow/#/tasks selecting the new task note that the preview / thumbnail is a box that has the text 'No preview available'. 

      - Not reproduce only if navigate to APS/activiti-app > published app > tasks > Start 'review and approve - SIngle Person' , attach a file, the preview is generated fine in the APS task UI. 

      • The issue occurs only for ACS initiated workflows when viewed in the APS task. 
      • Local files attached in the APS UI generate a thumbnail correctly. 
      • Thumbnails are created correctly when viewed in the ACS Share UI. 

      Alfresco 5.1.2 and Actviti 1.5 running the Activiti demo shows the desired legacy behaviour. Content preview has thumbnail, download link, Alfresco document link. 

      See attached: Activiti-1.5.0-Preview.png 

      ACS 5.2.4 and APS 1.9.0 running the APS demo shows a different behaviour. Thumbnail and download link missing. Alfresco document link remains. 
      See attached: Activiti-1.9.0-Preview.png


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