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Request to Change the Behavior of the Site Content Dashlet, 'I'm Editing' Filter


    • Type: Improvement
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    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 5.2.1, 5.2.4
    • Fix Version/s: 5.2.N
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      ACS v5.2.4/Windows/PostgreSQL/Tomcat,
      ACS v5.2.1/Linux/PostgreSQL/Tomcat
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      Category 4
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      When using the ‘Edit in Microsoft Office’ action for content, the document being edited will not appear in the ‘I’m Editing’ filter of the Site Content Dashlet until the ephemeral lock expires and it becomes a persistent lock.  Reference JIRA, https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/DOCS-2737.  The ephemeral lock is set to a default of 172800 seconds (2 days).  This is configurable by setting the property, alfresco.ephemeralLock.expiryThresh, to a different value in the alfresco-global.properties file.  The customer has changed this value to 5 seconds, so that the content being edited displays in the filter.  The issue is that there is an expiryDate, set by the client, on the content being edited.  The customer believes that once the expiryDate has passed the content being edited should no longer be displayed in the ‘I’m Editing’ filter.  The current query being used for displaying content in the filter is based on a check to see if the content contains properties of the lockable aspect.  If the content contains these properties then it continues to be displayed in the filter until the document is checked-in or the MS Office application is closed by the user.

      Current Behavior:  When the expiryDate has passed for content being edited, it continues to be displayed in the ‘I’m Editing’ filter.

      Desired Behavior:  When the expiryDate has passed for content being edited, it should no longer be displayed in the ‘I’m Editing’ filter.

      Steps to Replicate:

      1. Add the following property and value to the alfresco-global.properties file: ephemeralLock.expiryThresh=5
      2. In a site’s document library, select the ‘Edit in Microsoft Office’ action for a document.
      3. Return to the site dashboard and in the Site Content Dashlet switch to the ‘I’m Editing’ filter.
      4. The document being edited will be displayed.
      5. Using the Node Browser find the document and look at the properties and aspects.
      6. You will see that there is a lockable aspect along with several lock properties and also a cm:expiryDate property.
      7. Once the cm:expiryDate has passed, go back to the ‘I’m Editing’ filter and the document will still be displayed.
      8. If you look in the Node Browser for the document again, you will see that the lockable aspect, lock properties and the cm:expiryDate property are still attached.




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