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Asynchronous activitiy (e.g. script/service task) after signal catching event is not working correctly and can leave process in stuck state



      An asynchronous task right after an intermediate signal catching event is not behaving correctly and can leave a process instance in a stuck state.

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Via App Designer -> Apps import and publish the attached app AsyncAfterSignalTestApp.zip
      NOTE: The app comes with a very simple process, that splits up after a parallel gateway. One branch is throwing a signal then and the other execution branch is catching the signal and running into an async script task afterwards. See attached defectProcessModell.png
      2. From the published app, start a new process
      3. Complete the user task "Some User Task"
      4. Via the Process tab, inspect the state of the started process, the process diagram and review the APS logs.

      Expected behaviour
      The process should be completed, as both, the end event and the terminating end event have been reached.

      Current behaviour
      The process is still running. The script task seems to have been executed (easy to debug by adding a print line to the script for ScriptTask1) but the transaction was not commited and rolled back. There are NO related log errors or warnings at all, but the process is in a stuck state, see processDiagramAfterExecution.png and execution standing right before the async script task.

      Supporting evidence

      • Reproduced with current latest APS release
      • Cannot reproduce issue as soon as task after the signal catching event is not set async!
      • Cannot reproduce when replacing the signal catching event with a user task to trigger continuation of execution manually





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