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Activiti-admin does not support Latin special characters


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      The activiti-admin application doesn't support Latin characters, such as ç, ã and other accented characters. For example, if a process has tasks with Portuguese characters in their name, searching for those tasks is throwing an error in the activiti-admin UI.

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Via App Designer in activiti-app import 'çãçãçãçãçãçãçãçãçã.zip' and publish application attached
      NOTE: The app comes with a simple process: Start event -> user task -> end event
      The user task has a name "çãçãçãçãçãçãçãçãçã".
      2. From the published app on the landing page start 4 process instances creating a total of 4 tasks then.
      3. Log into activiti-admin and via the "Tasks" tab use the filter´s name field and type in "çãçãçãçãçãçãçãçãçã"

      Expected Behaviour
      All tasks containing Latin characters should be returned.

      Observed Behaviour
      It's NOT possible to search for tasks containing Latin characters, a red error bar is displayed with message:

      "An error occured while calling Activiti: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request"

      Supporting evidence

      • Reproduced with current latest APS release
      • Inspected the Tomcat access log and can see the RETS call failing with status 400: - - [28/Nov/2018:16:53:48 +0100] "POST /activiti-app/api/query/historic-task-instances?size=100000000&sort=start&order=desc&tenantId=tenant_1 HTTP/1.1" 400 510
      • Fired that same REST call manually via Postman and a body like

        is working fine.

      • Conclusion is, that the JSON posted from activiti-admin must be corrupted somehow





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