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Need a Proper REST API to manage off-line cluster member entries


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      Are there plans to add a public API would have the following functionality (if clustering was enabled):

      1. Discover Whether Clustering is enabled (Already part of the Public API)
      2. Get the cluster ID
      3. Get the cluster members
      4. Get the Offline Cluster Members
      5. Get the Connected non-clustered Servers
      6. Validate the cluster
      7. Remove offline cluster members

      This is going to be an issue in any environment where servers are treated like cattle (rather than pets) because as they are terminated and replaced, the old IP addresses will be left to litter the Offline Cluster Members list. Without purging, this could grow to be a large, unmanageable and meaningless list.

      Currently the only way to do this is manually and that could be problematic, especially for customers who would prefer to not have the admin console enabled, or who would want to limit what functionality is exposed.

      A custom Web Script could be made to do this but, IMVHO, this should be part of the product.

      FWIW, I did try the following:

      curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/alfresco/s/enterprise/admin/admin-clustering -uadmin:admin -T - <<EOF
      > { "hostIP": "", "port":"5701" }
      > EOF

      And got a CSRF error.

      A proper API for all admin console functionality is in order as it would allow builders to build front ends that could segment the admin tasks (e.g. not everyone has to be able to administer everything).





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