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Runtime Process Diagram - Distorted for both activiti-app and workspaces


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      Category 2
    • ACT Numbers:

      00982738, 00987528, 00999897



      The runtime process diagram that can be accessed to see in which state/task a running process is current at is distorted if the process is complex, but more exacerbated in distortion if there is subprocesses or nested subprocesses. This makes it useless as a tool for visualizing the state of a running process.

      For example the attach process is basic process with simple double nested subprocess and a singular subprocess. If this becomes more complex in design it makes the rendering completely useless.

      Replication Steps

      • import the attached process
      • (activiti-app) click 'Display Process' in activiti-app on running process

      • (process workspaces) click icon top right

      Here is a more complex example (not nothing is aligned or sizing right). The design view though is more clean and readible.

      Actual Behavior

      • running process diagrams are distorted, making them unusable, typically related unmanaged proportional rendering of white spaces for rect

      Expected Behavior

      • running process diagrams is succinct and true representation of process

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