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Edit in MS Office is not working with Alfresco SAML module 1.0.3 on Mac clients using MS Office 2016.


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      We are seeing issues when trying to use Edit in MS Office 2016 on Mac clients with Alfresco 5.2.4 and SAML SSO 1.0.3 configured for use with ADFS. See steps below:


      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Configure ADFS SPs for Share, AOS, and REST.
      2. Install and configure ACS 5.2.4 + Alfresco SAML SSO module 1.0.3. for use with ADFS
      3. Verify Authentication is working to Share with both Windows and Mac clients using SAML SSO.
      4. Create a Site in Share and upload an MS Office document to use for testing Edit in MS Office.
      5. On a Windows client with MS Office 2016 installed, navigate to the uploaded document and Select Edit in MS Office. This should follow the SAML SSO path and request user authentication once, and then continue on to edit the document in Office.
      6. On Mac client with MS Office 2016 installed, navigate as previous step in Share to the document and attempt to Edit in MS Office.


      MS Office opens and popup for SAML Authentication shows, once user credentials are entered continues on to edit document.


      MS Office opens and popup for SAML Authentication shows, once user credentials are entered, the popup loops around 5 or 6 times then eventually fails to authenticate user.

      Tested to see if we could map a network drive/location on Mac to AOS as well. The endpoint is accessible in browser. However, when using OSX's (Finder > Go > Connect to Server...) option entering the http://host:port/alfresco/aos location fails to connect or even provide an authentication popup. All these tests were done while the user was logged into Share as well.

      NOTE:  I have tested this in pre-Mojave and latest Mojave [10.14.2 (18C54)] OSX versions. See same behavior. I did find Jira REPO-1046, I was requested to create this Jira by Andy Hunt as REPO-1046 is now closed and this issue is related to that issue.






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