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Configuring Content Store Selector documentation improvement request


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      Referring to configuring a Content Store Selector documentation page


      there is missing information regarding the steps required to display a form to show custom document metadata once the Content Store Selector is enabled in Share.

      Referring to the section Customization for Alfresco Share: the provided example only works when the Content Store Selector is used with the default Alfresco Content Model.

      If a document type is used for a custom content model, using the example will fail to show the document metadata in the form, and will only show the Store Selector.

      To improve the page please consider adding the following note to the Customization for Alfresco Share section:

      • The example form definition is based on using the Content Store Selector with the default Alfresco content model (cm), as the <config evaluator condition> for the form is set for cm:content.
      • if you are using a custom type document with the Content Store Selector, you will need to specify that document type in the <config evaluator condition>
        and include both the custom properties and the cm properties you want to display in the form. For example:
      <config evaluator="node-type" condition="my:example">
                  <show id="my:text" />
                  <show id="my:dateTime" />
                  <show id="my:association" /> 
                  <show id="cm:name">
                  <show id="cm:title" force="true" />
                  <show id="cm:storeName" /> 





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