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Some special characters are not filtered for the process name when creating a new process model


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      When creating a new process in activiti-app, one can enter some special charcaters in the process´ name field whereas one cannot enter others. As the process name value gets initially copied over to the process model ID value and this value MUST not contain special charcaters other than _ or - or . all other special charcaters should be filtered out and should not be allowed to be entered in the name field.

      Step to reproduce 

      1. Login to activiti-app.
      2. In "App designer" select the "Processes" tab and click on "Create Process".
      3. In the new dialog, use characters like !,`,^ in the "Model Name" field.
      4. Try to enter other special characters like the @ character.

      Current behavior
      Some special characters like !,`,^ can be entered in the process name field whereas others like the @ cannot be entered.

      Expected behavior
      Special characters other than _ or - or . should not be allowed to be entered in the process name field, as this value gets copied over to the process ID after process creation, which MUST NOT contain special characters. A process with those forbidden special characters would fail to vlaidate then.





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