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Enhance rendition handling in APS so that thumbnails or previews are also created for uploaded image mime type files


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      We currently use the Aspose library in APS to create thumbnail and preview renditions of documents attached to processes. Apparently, Aspose seems to suppor tonly common office mime types like Word documents, Excel sheets or PDFs but APS is not creating thumbnails or previews for any image mime type documents like .PNG or .JPG. Customer wants this to be enhanced, as their are situations where it makes sense to also have smaller rendtions for large images.

      Steps to reproduce
      1. In App Designer in activiti-app design a new process with a start form having an attach field.
      2. Publish this simple process as part of an app
      3. From the published app start a new process and attach any JPG or PNG to the attach field
      4. Review the database table "RELATED_CONTENT" and determine the content ID for the just uploaded file
      5. Review the database table "CONTENT_RENDITION" and identify two rows for that content ID and that uploaded image file, one for thumbnail and one for preview.
      6. Use the following REST API to retrieve the thumbnail

      GET http://localhost:9999/activiti-app/api/enterprise/content/{contentID}/rendition/thumbnail

      and replace the content ID with the ID from step 4. Inspect the response

      Current behaviour
      We create entries for image previews/thumbails in the table "CONTENT_RENDITION", but we never create those renditions for any image file.
      The response for the REST call is similar to:

      HTTP Status 500 - Request processing failed; nested exception is com.activiti.service.exception.NotFoundException: Rendition not (yet) creates, has status: UNSUPPORTED

      Desired behaviour
      We should create thumbnails and previews also for uploaded image documents. The API endpoint should return the created rendtions in the same way as for any Office documents.

      Business use case
      Customer is uploading mainly image files and has many attach fields.They might upload 10 images with 50MB each. In another following user task form they will then use display value fields to actually show those images in a form. As there is no thumbnail rendition but we render the raw content there, the end user would have to wait for 500MB to be downloaded before having finished to render the form.





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