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Throwing signal event programmatically does not get caught




      There is 'Intermediate Signal Throwing Event' which allows you to throw a signal that can be used to start a subprocess or process that is listening for that signal. This we know fails (MNT-18181) for event subprocesses. The alternative approach to that would be to make the subprocess not a subprocess since the signal is set to 'global' it will start the process (if available, published).

      The issue though is that there are numerous reasons that you would want to throw the signal via listeners or script task if planning to reuse that same process. This should work with a 'global' defined signal same as it does when using 'Intermediate Signal Throwing Event' in process. It does not.

      Replication Steps

      • import attached APP export
      • publish/deploy APP
      • start process "ThrowSignalEventForSomeOtherProcessInEngine"
      • monitor console logging
      • on complete user task "some user thing", should see 3 times second process run in console output

      Actual Behavior

      • using any of the runtimeService methods should send signal that is receivable by start signal on process

      runtimeService.signalEventReceived(String signalName);
      runtimeService.signalEventReceived(String signalName, String executionId);
      runtimeService.signalEventReceivedAsync(String signalName);

      In signaled process, just email something here
      before loopign exec ids
      outof loop
      before listener
      after listener

      Expected Behavior

      • using runtimeService method throws no errors, the signal never starts the process as expected. Works fine for intermediate signal throwing event, it should also work via runtimeService call as well
      In signaled process, just email something here
      before loopign exec ids
      In signaled process, just email something here
      outof loop
      before listener
      In signaled process, just email something here
      after listener


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