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[APS] Task metadata (reference name) is not updated when reference (form, subprocess ...) is updated


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      If you navigate to a 'referenced' object via tasks metadata (ex. Referenced subprocess, referenced form...), update the object and save it with a different 'name' on action 'save and close'. This name does not get updated in 'Referened *' metadata field on task that it is set on

      You have to go through the steps twice to 'open > save and exit' to get the task to update the modeler

      Replication Steps

      • Import the sample process ( TestRefNameChange.bpmn20.xml )
      • In process editor, click on the 'Use Task'
      • click on the "Referenced Form:"
      • Open form, click 'save' icon, in popup change the name by adding to name ex. 'TheFormChanged'
      • In main process, click on the task again and look at value in field for form
      • Save and close process and export
        ( FormNameChange1.bpmn20.xml )
      • Check value in bpmn20.xml file for reference name
      • Open process and click through and save form again (note name on form is correct)
      • Click on task and note form reference name is not correct
      • Save and close process and export ( FormNameChange2.bpmn20.xml )
      • Check value in bpmn20.xml file for reference name

      Expected Behavior

      • When you update anything of a referenced object, that this is updated in the metadata for the task referencing that object.

      Actual Behavior

      • When you update the 'name' of a referenced object, it is not updated in the metadata for the task referencing that object


      You have to repeat the open and save sequence for any referenced item to get it to update in the parent object referencing that item. This is irrelevant of type of status (collapsed/non collapsed, embedded/non embedded) of the referenced item.

      Additional notes

      This is extremely problematic for customers who export/import and update referenced objects for processes they are trying to duplicate and tweak. It is not obvious this is occurring and is quite misleading. Especially when working with tasks forms subprocesses and nested ones of those.





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