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In RM Admin Tools if a Value in the “List of Values” contains Two Slashes (//), the User Access is not Shown


    • Type: Service Pack Request
    • Status: Closed
    • Resolution: Done
    • Affects Version/s: 6.1, AGS 3.1
    • Fix Version/s: AGS 3.4
    • Component/s: Records Management
    • Environment:
      ACS 6.1/Windows/PostgreSQL/Tomcat/AGS 3.1.0


      In the RM site within the RM Admin Tools there is an option to create lists with values.  A customer has found that when adding values to the list if the value contains two slashes // and a user has been given access, the user icon, name and actions are not shown.  What is seen is “Loading access…”.  For values that do not contain any slashes or only a single slash / the user icon, name and actions are shown.

      Supporting Evidence

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. As an admin user access the RM site.
      2. Select RM Admin Tools.
      3. Select List of Values.
      4. Select “New List”.
      5. Add a name for the list.
      6. Next to the list select “Edit”.
      7. Enter the value: One and click “Add”.
      8. Click on “Add” above “User Access”.
      9. Search for a user and click “Add”.
      10. The Icon, Name, and Actions are shown under “User Access”.
      11. Now enter the value: //Two or /Two/ and click “Add”.
      12. Even before adding any users under “User Access” only “Loading access…” is shown.

      Observed Behavior:  When adding a value with two slashes to a “List of Values” the “User Access” is not shown, only “Loading access..” is seen.

      Expected Behavior:  When adding a value with two slashes to a “List of Values” the “User Access” Icon, Name and Actions should be shown.

      The customer has found that the issue is caused by the rm-list-of-values.js code on line 1348.  As a workaround the customer has changed line 1348 to the following:

      this.widgets.accessDataSource.sendRequest("/" + parent.constraintName + "/values/" + encodeURIComponent(selectedValueName).replace(/%2F/g, "%252F"),

      *This also needs to be changed in the rm-list-of-values-min.js file.

      Attaching the changed rm-list-of-values.js and rm-list-of-values-min.js to the JIRA.





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