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Attaching a file from Alfresco repository to activiti-app task attachment field does not work with IE11


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      Attaching a file from Alfresco repository to activiti-app task atatchment field does not work with IE11.

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Login as admin to acitviti-app
      2. Make sure you added an Alfresco Repository under Identity Management -> Tenants -> Alfresco Repositories
      3. Make sure you added credentials for the admin user for that Alfresco repository under Identity Management -> Personal -> Alfresco Repositories
      4. Using app designer create a simple process: Start event -> user task (assigned to process initiator) -> end event
      5. Add a form to the user task with an attachment field that has defined the configured Alfresco repository as File Source under "Attach file options" in the forms designer
      6. Save form and process and publish process as par tof an app
      7. From published app on the landing page start a new process
      8. Use IE 11 to open the created user task and form
      9. Open browser console in developer tools (press F12)
      10. Click the Alfresco flower logo in the attach field and inspect the console and behaviour

      Expected behaviour
      No error in browser console and a popup opens from where one can select a file from Alfresco repository.

      Current behaviour
      Error in the browser console (see attached consoleError.png):

      TypeError: Object doesn't support property or method 'startsWith'

      The user cannot select a file to attach.

      Supporting evidence





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