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IMAP UID search command errors with French Locale- Only folders showing


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      01004049, 01006112

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      When Alfresco is installed on a french OS ( repository objects such as data dictionary must show in french), the Files in inside IMAP folders wont show. Although they are present in share.

      Steps to replicate:

      1)create an ubuntu vm and change the language to french. apply to system

      2)run locale as a command in terminal and you should see everything in french-

      3) if the above is not all french you can force java to use french locale by setting the following in setenv in tomcat before starting service for the first time 

      JAVA_OPTS="-Duser.language=fr -Duser.region=FR $JAVA_OPTS " # java-memory-settings
      JAVA_ARGS=-Duser.language=fr -Duser.region=FR %JAVA_ARGS%
      export JAVA_HOME
      export JRE_HOME
      export JAVA_OPTS
      export JAVA_ARGS
      export LANG="fr_FR.UTF8"
      export LC_ALL="fr_FR.UTF8"
      export LC_COLLATE="fr_FR.UTF8"
      export LC_CTYPE="fr_FR.UTF8"
      export LC_MESSAGE="fr_FR.UTF8"

      4)install ACS 5.2.6 OOTB on ubuntu 

      5)log in to share and ensure the repository is showing folder such as data dictionary in french

      6) enable imap services with port 1143 and enabled inbound mail with port 25

      7) create a new mail box in outlook using Alfresco imap service on you local windows 

      --side note: example mail ( 25@alfresco.com) 25 is the uuid of a node as there were errors with other emails

      8) if outlook client is on an English windows, then go to share, change document library folder ( which should show in french) to "Data dictionary" so select commands from outlook client can find the folder in alfresco

      9) create a folder just under data dictionary called ( TEST_IMAP_FOLDER) 

      and inside this folder create a test file.


      Expected behavior:

      The tree in outlook should show all share folders and inside the folders such as data dictionary > TEST_IMAP_FOLDER > test file

      Actual behavior:

      Outlook shows data dictionary >TEST_IMAP_FOLDER but the test file inside this folder does not show

      When alfresco is installed with English Locale this issue will not happen.


      enable outlook logging and you will see the following error ( full log attached)

      MAP: 13:37:15 [rx] xw32 OK [READ-WRITE] SELECT completed.
      IMAP: 13:37:15 [tx] noku UID SEARCH SINCE 25-Mar-2020
      IMAP: 13:37:15 [db] err: WSAGETSELECTEVENT = 0x20, WSAGETSELECTERROR = 10053
      IMAP: 13:37:15 [db] Connection to '' closed.
      IMAP: 13:37:15 [db] OnNotify: asOld = 5, asNew = 0, ae = 5
      IMAP: 13:37:15 [db] ERROR: "Your server unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity.", hr=2148322319
      IMAP: 13:37:15 [db] Connecting to '' on port 1144.



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