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CLONE - Retention Schedule Inheritance Issue with Historical Records When Using Child Record Categories


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      If you create a Record Category with a Retention Schedule under File Plan and then a Record Folder under the Record Category, records in the record folder have the following properties on the record details page:

      Retention Schedule

      Record Category ID: 2018-1534344681056

      Retention Instructions: Follow the steps.

      Completed: Yes

      Disposition as of Date: Wed 15 Aug 2018

      If you then view any of these records using the nodeBrowser:

      The disposition schedule properties are listed along with the following one:

      rma:recordSearchHasDispositionSchedule d:boolean true


      Any records in a record folder that is under a child Record Category does not inherit the retention schedule correctly.

      Supporting Evidence

      Steps to Reproduce:

      I used the following steps to manually replicate the issue.  The customer uses custom scripts to create the retention schedule and folder structure.

      1. In the File Plan create a Record Category, New.
      2. Add a Retention Schedule to Record Category, New.
      3. Retention Authority: Finance Retention Instructions:  Follow the steps.  Applied to:  Record
      4. Add Steps: Cutoff Immediately and Retain Immediately.
      5. Create Record Category One under Record Category New.
      6. Create Record Category Two under Record Category One.
      7. Create Record Category Three under Record Category Two.
      8. Create Record Category Four under Record Category Three.
      9. Create Folder Records under Record Category Four.
      10. View Details for the Records Folder to see if the retention schedule is listed:

       Retention Schedule

      Record Category ID: 2018-1534343447062

      Retention Instructions: Follow the steps.

      Disposition as of Date: None

      1. File a completed record to the Records Folder.
      2. View the details of the record:

       Retention Schedule

      Completed: Yes

      1. View the record using the nodeBrowser. The record does not have the rma:recordSearchHasDispositionSchedule property.
      2. While in the Records Folder, use the “File” action to upload a record and then view the record details:

      Retention Schedule

      Completed: No

      Disposition as of Date: (None)

      1. Using the nodeBrowser view the record:

      Rma:recordSearchHasDispositionSchedule d:Boolean false

      Expected Behavior:

      Folders and records under a child record category should inherit the retention schedule of the parent record category. The fix should be able to fix the retention inheritance issue for both new and existing records.

      Observed Behavior: 

      Folders and records under a child record category do not inherit the retention schedule of the parent record category. Based on the fix provided the newly created records are functioning correctly but historical records still have same issue.


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