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A Display value field displaying the content of a Dynamic table does not show changes done to the dynamic table source


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      If one designs a Dynamic table X to be displayed in a Display value field Y in a task form and one makes changes to X after Y was defined, the changes of the source dynamic table will not apply to Y until you force the forms to update

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Setup APS
      2. Via activiti-app App Designer create a simple process: Start event -> User task1 -> User task2 -> End event
      3. Add a form to the user task1 which contains a Dynamic table with a dropdown and 3 values
      4. Add a form to the user task2 which contains a Display value field showing content of the Dynamic table from task 1
      5. Save form and process and publish process as part of an app
      6. From published app, start a process and fill in a row for the dynamic table
      6. Check that user task 2 displays the proper row by selecting the magnifying glass
      7. Via form designer add an option 4 to the dropdown of the dynamic table used in task form 1 and republish the app
      8. Start another process and add a row to the dynmiac table and set the dropdown to added option 4 and complete Task
      9. Review user task 2 and the dynamic table row by selecting the magnifying glass

      Expected behaviour
      The value of the dropdown for the dynamic table is Option 4

      Observed behaviour
      The value of the dropdown is Option 1, not knowing about option 4 at all.

      Attach temporarily a different object to the Display value, then put the Dynamic table back. This will force an update





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