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Alfresco link cannot be followed using Windows Explorer when Alfresco is mapped as a webdav network drive


    • Type: Hot Fix Request
    • Status: Closed (View Workflow)
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 3.4.6, 3.4.10 HF, 4.0
    • Fix Version/s: 3.4.10 HF
    • Component/s: WebDAV
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      Category 1
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      35206, 45469



      A customer wants Windows 7 users to be able to browse Alfresco using Windows Explorer and be able to follow Alfresco Links to move to different folders.
      If a Alfresco Link is in the same folder as its target, then it is possible to follow it. But if the Alfresco Link is in a different folder, then the link won't be followed.
      Customer is only interested in Alfresco Links, not filesystem (hard or symbolic) links.

      Steps to reproduce

      Alfresco 3.4.6 with default alfresco-global.properties.
      Login to Alfresco Explorer as admin user and, under User Homes, create "folder". Upload some content into this folder.
      Still in Alfresco Explorer, select "folder", more actions -> copy.
      Go back to User Homes, create folder "joerg", enter folder "joerg", click shelf, click paste.
      A new file will appear, called "link to folder.url". If you click on that link, it will open the source folder "folder"
      Set up Win7 client according to Alfresco KnowledgeBase article 15024-216 "Map a Drive on Windows 7 using WebDav as a Protocol".
      Map Alfresco as a network drive, choosing to authenticate with different credentials if necessary.
      Click on User Homes\folder. You will see the content there.
      Click on User Homes\joerg\link to folder. No content will be shown.

      Expected Behaviour

      The Alfresco Link should be followed and the content displayed.
      Other Webdav clients such as "Webdav Nav" and "OverTheAir" (free iPhone apps) can do this.
      Also, if Alfresco is mounted as a CIFS share, the link can be followed.

      Observed Behaviour

      An empty folder is shown.
      Network dump attached.

      NOTE: I wonder if this is a bug in Windows? In frame 636 Alfresco tells Windows, in the 207 MultiStatus response, that "Link to folder" exists in the "joerg" folder, but then, in frame 637, Windows requests to PROPFIND "folder".

      I think Webdav following Alfresco Links over Webdav only works, if the link is in the same folder as the target, because Windows requests PROPFIND of the target name instead of the link name (display name).

      Should it use the display name or the link name?

      If you could confirm whether this is an Alfresco bug or not, that would be good.


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