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      Customer has several enhancement requests. It is not clear to me if that is already in the pipe (or already implemented)
      If that has not been considered yet, please set as enhancement request:

      The general idea is to make the system more usable within a large company by providing out of the box feature that would make the daily use easier.
      Note that some of those requests could be implemented with little or medium effort with webscripts.

      1) "retiring a user":
      consider the use case of people who leave the company.

      In particular:
      A function that reassign (as ownership) all the documents owned by the leaving user to another user.

      (this could be implemented as a webscript that searches for the documents owned by this user, then this list of documents is processed by a client program [to avoid timeout in the case of large lists] to process each doc one by one changing the ownership

      2) "bulk actions on search results"

      Share can do searches but then what can we do on the search result?
      Not much in the current version.

      3) "bulk actions on invites"
      Some of the users get many invites everyday to join a site.
      We should offer a way to bulk accept/reject the invites.

      4) "blocking access to some site while the system is running"/"marking a site as 'offline'"

      It is very common for web servers to offer a site under maintenance page when work is done.
      Customer would like to be able to show this on a per Share site basis.
      The maintenance operation could for instance be a mass upload operation and the admin would prefer that no user join or see the site before mass upload finishes.

      5) "favourite folders"

      We currently have the concept of favourite documents.
      We currently have the concept of favourite sites.

      The customer would like we introduce the concept of favourite folders.

      Some of the share users always use only one folder of a site and being able to mark those a favourite would improve productivity.

      6) "administrative message"

      Along with the ability I mentioned in 4) to be able to take one or more sites offline, It would be nice to have a way to send an administrative message to one or more groups or the entire user population. One possibility would be to provide an area in Share's user dashboard that could be configured to scroll through the contents of a rich text formatted file only visible to those targeted by a selection of groups, sites, or ALL.

      7) "Completed workflow"

      Customer really needs to have this feature to provide supporting evidence in our quality audit on process standards.

      Note: this may already be possible in the current version 4.1.3.

      8) "Reusable workflow"

      Once a workflow has been developed (with approvers assigned), reuse of that workflow occurs over and over again. The ability to store and reuse workflows would save a lot of time, especially when there is a long list of approvers involved.
      NOTE: This is especially true in the case where we use a serial workflow we built that supports one-to-many approvers.

      9) "Administrative statistics and reporting"

      It would be very helpful to have some standard out-of-the-box reports or queries that we could use to extract information from the repository to better understand activity, growth, and structure.


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