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      Description: We would like a tool that does the reverse of the current bulk import tool, i.e. a "Bulk Filesystem Export Tool".

      The current Alfresco method of creating an ACP file is too slow since it's pushing the data through the web interface. It's basically creating a zip file on disk and then asking you to download that huge zip file. ACP is good if you only have a small directory to export.

      It would be much better to just do a direct file system copy of the content files in the content store over to a new directory. When it's done, it's easy to use existing Linux/Unix tool to move / compress the files and send them around.

      The ability to have files on the file system in the same folder structure as that in the repo + metadata in some identifiable way to match them up to the files is all that is needed.

      The ability to export the data to a common standard format would be even better:

      This community add+ons for bulk filesystem export:

      is not supported by Alfresco but seems to do the job. The end format will be the same as that of Bulk filesystem import files, etc.

      Maybe this can be potentially reviewed and added into the enterprise editions.





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