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Search content by property using user's first and last names


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      Currently each document contains three fields namely cm:creator, cm:modifier and cm:owner that contains usernames and not first name and last name, so when you do a search for documents created / modified by a person, you will need to type in their username, but people don't often know other people's usernames. They only know their names, but this is not indexed since the fields only contain their usernames.

      We would like to leave the design to the Alfresco engineering team, but we have one suggestion for your to consider:

      Alfresco may like to consider introducing a new aspect that contains 3 new properties:


      and people can decide whether they want to apply the aspect to their contents or not (by default it's not applied). It is a bit like the 'Versionable' aspect.

      If the aspect is applied to a content, these fields will contain people's names (eg. First name + Last name) and Alfresco will make sure that when you upload a document or make changes to a document or folder, these fields are updated with the person's name accordingly, again, a bit like the 'Versionable aspect', which is behavior aware.

      The design may also need to take care of how Alfresco will do updates on existing documents and folders already in the repository with these new properties retrospectively.


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