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Service Pack Regression: MNT-17113 - Share doc preview not updated after new versions


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      Category 3
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      Platform Delivery Sprint 12
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      Steps to reproduce:

      • adding a document,
      • Using Internet Explorer, start uploading new versions (that have different content).
      • Failure may happen on 3rd or 4th version and so on, and suddenly work again.
      • To verify if this bug is present it is not enough to just look at the preview itself as the preview/thumbnail does update, it is just that the browser doesn't get a fresh url when cm:lastThumbnailModification isn't updated, and loads old preview file from local cache.
      • Important when trying to reproduce this is to make sure that you have not turned off your browser's caching, that can usually happen when you have the browsers development tools open. The bug is about cm:lastThumbnailModification not being updated, and you need to verify that the value for this property change for each version. If it does update the property, then this bug does not exist in 5.0.4.
      • The bug is not reproducible with Chrome

      Regression: This bug was introduced in r130226 MNT-15135

      The error has been tracked down to the newly added onDeletePolicy
      This fires when a new version is added (but not always apparently), and the thumbnail is removed from cache that needs new thumbnail stamp (cm:lastThumbnailModification). The thumbnail is not actually deleted so why the onDeletNode fires needs to be looked into.

      A patch is attached to ALF-21761.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Primary issue MNT-17113 is resolved
      • Additional issue ACE-5748 is checked for resolution
        • If resolved, close off in the usual way and check if there is time to merge it for the 5.2.e (201701 GA) of Community
        • If not resolved, we need a separate issue to track
      • MNT-15135 must not regress
      • Retest issue REPO-1644 in relation to this fix and add a comment or close depending on the outcome



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