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Replace ooo.direct code with jodconverter code


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      The Community's ooo.direct transformer code should be removed and community should be allowed to use the jodconverter code currently used by Enterprise.

      Stretch Goal:

      • Allow the existing ooo.direct transformer properties¬†(starting with "content.transformer.OpenOffice.") to be used if no jodconverter properties (starting with "content.transformer.JodConverter.") have been defined, so that community systems continue to behave as they do currently.
        If not achieved, alfresco-global.properties would require a simple search replace edit on upgrade. The 'OpenOffice' aliases should be documented as deprecated so they may be removed at some point in the future.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • With the exception of the stretch goal, there should be no ooo.direct (sometimes referred to as OpenOffice) specific references in either community or enterprise code bases. Where sensible abstractions that purely exist to support both ooo.direct and jodconverter should have been removed.¬†
      • The dependency on the very old jodconverter-2.1.0-alfresco-patched jar should have been removed. Although JOD is not currently used in the community ooo.direct depends on classes from this library.
      • As we don't have unit tests that use either ooo.direct or jodconverter, the following should have been performed:
        • a manual smoke test of docx, xlsx and odt files. Upload, preview and thumnail generation in both Enterprise and Community Editions. org.alfresco.repo.content.transform.TransformerDebug should be turned on to confirm jodconverter is being used.
        • A comparison all supported transformation in versions before and after the code change should show that the Enterprise edition is exactly the same and in the case of Community, that there is a corresponding jodconverter for each OpenOffice transformation. See getTransformationsByTransformer.
        • Stretch Goal: The old content.transformer.OpenOffice properties should be used for Jod if there are no content.transformer.JodConverter... properties, but should not be reflected in the getProperties.


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