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Can delete all RM site content through Repository browser


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      Category 1
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      Flamebird 13 - Viper
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      Steps to reproduce:

      This bug can be reproduced in two ways, each way has other effects on the application.

      First set of steps :

      1. Navigate to Repository-> Sites -> RM -> documentLibrary.
      2. Select all items and try to delete them.

      Expected results:

      The items are not deleted or the items that get deleted are not RM containers (Transfers, Holds, Unfiled Records).

      Actual results:

      The error "Could not delete items" is displayed. After a refresh you can see that everything inside the site gets deleted.
      Please see RM site File Plan inside rm site.png with the logs when accessing it deleted RM site content error.txt and RM site in repository view inside rm site repository.png.

      Second set of steps: (if you did the ones before as well, delete the RM site and create it again.)

      1. Navigate to Repository-> Sites -> RM.
      2. Select all items (documentLibrary and Saved Searches) and try to delete them.

      Expected results:

      The items can not be deleted.

      Actual results:

      The items are deleted successfully.

      Delete RM site. Try to create it again -> The following error is thrown : could not create site.png and when navigating to My profile -> Trashcan either Saved searches or Document library is there, or both user trashcan rm content.png. Empty the trashcan. The RM site still can not be created.


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