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Improve fields and field types definition in SolrSchema


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    • Affects Version/s: Search Services 1.5, Search Services 2.0
    • Fix Version/s: Search Services 2.0
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      Primitive fields and field types currently defined in the schema should be analysed/revisited in order to 

      • make clear their purpose and the scenario where they are involved in
      • make sure (field types only) they are using the most appropriate Solr type according with that purpose (e.g. Trie types have been deprecated in favour of Point fields)
      • make sure the options/flags set on each field/field type provides the best configuration according with its purpose (e.g. indexed/stored/docValues)

      Potential expected benefits we are looking for as consequence of that refactor: 

      • disk space usage (e.g. if a field is single valued and it is docValues enabled, we could avoid to store it)
      • better memory usage (e.g. use docValues for sort / facet fields)

      At first sight it seems there is some space of improvement. See for example the following field definition: 

      <dynamicField name="int@sd@*" type="int" stored="true" docValues="true" />
      <dynamicField name="long@sd@*" type="long" stored="true" docValues="true" />
      <dynamicField name="float@sd@*" type="float" stored="true" docValues="true" />
      <dynamicField name="double@sd@*" type="double" stored="true" docValues="true" />
      <dynamicField name="date@sd@*" type="date" stored="true" docValues="true" />
      <dynamicField name="datetime@sd@*" type="date" stored="true" docValues="true" />
      <dynamicField name="boolean@sd@*" type="identifier" stored="true" docValues="true" />
      <dynamicField name="category@sd@*" type="identifier" stored="true" docValues="true" />
      <dynamicField name="noderef@sd@*" type="identifier" stored="true" docValues="true" />

      where as you can see both stored and docValues options have been enabled on single valued fields. 

      Acceptance Criteria

      • This doesn't include fields (mainly text fields) already managed in SEARCH-2068
      • There are useful comments in the schema about the usage and the purpose of each field/field type
      • Primitive Fields / field types are properly configured according with their purpose/usage 
      • No regression





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