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Inconsistent / Ambiguous messages when viewing list and detail views for deleted folders


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      Summary of the Enhancement

      If a user navigates to a page in the Share document library for a folder that has been deleted by another user, the error message displayed is unclear / inconsistent depending on how it is viewed.

      Customer's environment, including version


      Steps that show the current behaviour

      1. Open the Share document library (repository or site, does not matter) and create a folder.

      2. In a separate browser session, view the details page for the folder, and the document list view of the contents of the folder.

      3. In the original browser session, delete the folder

      4. In the second browser session, refresh the view. Notice that the folder details page shows a message that states "The item cannot be found. Either you do not have permissions to view the item, it has been removed, or it never existed". The document list view for the folder, on the other hand, simply shows a red bar with a message stating "No Items". This message is ambiguous, and does not show that the containing folder that was being viewed has been deleted.

      Desired behaviour

      Ideally, the message would be the same on both pages, and would clearly indicate that the folder is unavailable. The message displayed on the folder details page is much clearer than the one shown in the document list view.

      Business case





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