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Request to make Alfresco Share "Change Type" a multi-select action


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      Request is to add option in the document list pages multi-select 'Select items ...' action menu list the choice to convert selected items to another type.

      Steps that Show the Current behaviour

      • Login Share UI
      • In either Repository or documentLibrary of site, select multple documents
      • Pull down 'Select items...' menu does not show change type option

      Once you select items, there is no option in the menu action list to "Change type" in either the Repository or Site's document libaray document list pages.

      Desired behaviour

      • "Change type" option is available in "Selected items..." in the menu.
      • The change type selection should only be available when documents of the same type are selected and changing type is not blocked by locks or checkouts.

      Business case
      The contractor uploads hundreds of documents to the project site in Alfresco. 30% of the documents are drawings, 30% are technical specifications and the rest of the documents are contracts of some sort.

      • There are a number of content types in Alfresco, drawings, specifications and contracts are the most common ones.
      • Each type has a set of mandatory metadata which has to be filled in by the user before the contractor documents can be submitted for review.
        The customer has requested that the share action Change Type should be a multi-select action.
      • Handling lots of files and manual selection and changing the type in bulk is a common use case in their system and having this action available in Share would help a lot.





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