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ENH - Enable setting a password for Quick Share


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      00172144, 00291075

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      Summary of the Enhancement:

      The customer would like to add simple authentication on shared access which described in "http://docs.alfresco.com/4.2/tasks/library-item-share.html"

      Customer's environment, including version:

      Alfresco 4.2.2, Tomcat, PostreSQL and Ubuntu

      Steps that show current behavior:


      Desired Behaviour:

      To keep URL access only between people who provide shared link and who are provided shared link, avoid spreading the URL to other than these people, the customer would like to have some simple authentication for external shared people.

      Business Case:

      Please consider that URLs are logged in browsers, chat logs, server log files, e-mails, and could be even be tracked by search engines that could expose it to third parties. With that URL, anyone can access the file.
      So, a simple but optional password request could increase the expected confidence when sharing a file.

      Think for example that a company worker wants to share a NDA or Sale Contract with a contractor officer. These are sensible documents that are not expected to be seen by anyone who has the link, but maybe by someone who has both the link and a password that could be auto generated or set by the user who shared it.





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