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Non-Admin user need ability to edit/rename tag on their own via Share UI


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    • Affects Version/s: 4.2, 5.0
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      Alfresco Share,
      Database: MySQL
      App Server: Tomcat
      OS: RHEL
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      00538764, 00866671

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      Enhancement request
      Tags should be editable by all users (owning the data or authorized to edit them, both admin and non-admin user) in an easy and user-friendly manner in paid Alfresco One product/Alfresco Share UI. Otherwise they're not sufficient to the business user.

      Business Impact
      This is raised as customer is unhappy with the current OOTB design where Edit Tag/Tag Rename can only be performed by Alfresco Administrator via Share > Admin Console > Tag Manager or via complex REST API call which is not user friendly for non-admin/end customer and cannot be done within Share UI.

      This is impacting customer's business as it is currently heavily rely on Alfresco Administrator to perform such basic task for all their user. This is cause waste of resource in daily business operation.

      Business Scenarios

      1. End user/non-admin create tag with typo and need to edit the tag but cannot as no such option available in Share UI.
      2. End user/non-admin decide to bulk update the tag value which is currently associate to multiple nodes, but cannot as no such option available in Share UI.

      Current workarounds/downsides
      In order for end user to rename/edit a tag (for example, typo during tag creation), they will need to do one of the following:

      1. Manually remove old tag from individual node(folder/content), then add the new tag in.
        • Downside: This is delete the tag association to specific node, but not totally remove the tag from Tag Manager. Not valid if end user need to update tag with association to multiple nodes as they will need to repeat the same in each node with tag association.
      2. Have admin user to rename the tag which need to update via Tag Manager.
        • Downside: Customer refuse to have their admin to spend time editing tags for end users. They do not have resource to waste in such manner.
      3. Have end user to make REST JSON call manually using browser add on or curl tool.

        PUT /alfresco/service/api/tags/{tagName}

        For example, http://screencast.com/t/WamKkuR4Lkx

        • Downside : Customer can't ask the end user to have an admin account, and certainly not to go through complex operations to edit tags.
      4. Customize Alfresco Share to provide rename tag feature to end user/non-admin (e.g via web script or etc).
        • Downside: The customer think this should be a basic feature available OOTB hence they do not think it should require more customization effort to make such feature available to end user.





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