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Multilingual properties Title & Description may be confusing if used with different browser locales


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      Alfresco has built-in support for multilingual properties. Out of the box Alfresco uses this for Title and Description, but only for those two.
      What this means for sites, folders and documents, is that if you are logged into Share as a user with en_US locale preferences and create a content with title “My English Title” and description “My English description”, then a user with sv_SE (as in Swedish) updates the properties to title “My Swedish Title” and description “My Swedish description”, any user with en_US will still see the original text, sv_SE user will see the “translated” Swedish text.

      [Steps to reproduce]:
      1.) Set up a Alfresco v5,0,x instance
      2.) Check that your browser language is English
      3.) Log in as admin
      4.) Create a new site called "English Site"
      5.) Change the language to e.g. German
      6.) Change site title to "German Site" using “Edit Site details”
      7.) It will create another record in DB for German locale
      8.) Change the language back to English
      9.) You can see English site
      10.) Change the language back to German
      11.) You can see German site

      [Expected Behaviour]:
      Have a global property (Alfresco default one) to use only one locale. So all users can see the same values in title/description regardless of the browser locale.

      [Observed Behaviour]:
      There are X versions of the text for either Title or description based on the different browser locales used to edit either field.

      [Analysis to date]:
      1.) Verifying entries in DB
      a.) Pulling out the nodeRef of test site e.g.: 545747a3-b2a6-4c74-9397-8a7967082ad2
      b.) Getting nodeID select * from alfresco.alf_node where uuid="545747a3-b2a6-4c74-9397-8a7967082ad2";
      >> id=1048
      c.) Checking for QName entries
      select * from alf_qname where local_name = 'title;
      d.) Pulling out node properties for first qname entry
      select * from alf_node_properties where node_id = 1048 and qname_id = 30;
      e.) Looking up the locales
      select * from alf_locale where id in (4,6);

      >> We store an entry for each locale use to modify either property

      2.) Multilingual properties are used across the whole product, reference https://wiki.alfresco.com/wiki/Multilingual_Document_Support
      3.) The type d:mltext for title/description is defined in the default content model and set up with multi language support on purpose to have a wider I18N compliance
      4.) A solution might be defining a custom siteModel in order to redefine the type of title/description from d:mltext to d:text to match single locale requirements.
      >> That's something to be verified on a test environment including through testing.
      5.) An enhancement request to address the confusion from a visualisation standpoint has been already risen here: https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/SHA-641
      6.) Further, the article here: https://loftux.com/en/blog/alfresco-multilingual-properties-feature-or-bug#sthash.S6l7UKaU.b0SHQgER.dpbs describes the benefits
      of having Title/Description of the type d:mltext and highlights the need of visualise the locale used to either edit or display either property





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