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Creating a link to file in a different location



      As an end user I want to be able to create a link in a document library to a file stored in a different location so that I can make content available in different site without duplication.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. Given that a user is in the Copy To dialog they can choose to "Create link" instead of creating a duplicate item in the repository.
      2. Given the user chooses to "Create link" in the destination location then a 'soft link' is created in that destination folder
      3. Given that the user chooses to "Copy File" then the node is copied in the normal way
      4. Given that a link has been created, then the Activity feeds includes "<username> created link to <original item> in <site>."
      5. Given that a link has been previously created on a file and the file is subsequently locked, then the link goes to original file, not any 'working copies' created
      6. Given that the original file is deleted, then link is deleted as well.
      7. Given that a user has created a link, then the link can not be shared, liked, commented on, or tagged
      8. Given that a file is locked or checked out then a user can not create a link until the file is unlocked or checked in

      Testing notes
      These are existing behaviours that exist in Share, tested in 4.2.6, for the following we are JUST making sure they've not regressed since that version

      1. Selecting a shortcut link for a file the user is redirected to the original item Document Details
      2. Selecting a shortcut link for a folder the user is redirected to the original folder
      3. If the user does not have access to the original file or folder then they are presented with the normal permission denied page
      4. Search does not return shortcut links in the results
      5. Bulk actions can be used to delete, move, copy short cut links
      6. Download as a ZIP doesn't include Shortcut Links (there is some quirky behaviour on this which should be raised as a BUG and not a sub-bug because it does not block this story)


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