As a user I want to be able to upload a folder via my browser so that I don't have to create folder hierarchies manually in Share and upload files into each sub-folder manually.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. Given that I have selected a folder or folders and dragged them over to my browser application window I can drop them:
        • into the current location in the application
        • into a specific folder I that my mouse is pointing to
      2. Given that I have released the files into the browser then the standard upload dialog is displayed with the progress being displayed of each file
      3. Given that the folder dropped contains a sub-folder or many sub-folders the sub-folder hierarchy is recreated with all the files in their correct locations
      4. Given that a folder or sub-folder does not contain anything it is still created.
      5. Given that the user is not using Google Chrome they can not drag and drop a folder
      6. Given that the user drag and drops the same folder twice the folder structure remains the same and the files are uploaded again with the usual suffix
      7. Given the folder contains a hidden system file then the file is not uploaded.
        • Thumbs.DB (windows)
        • .DS_Store (mac)
      8. Given that the file (or files) within the folders contain XMP data then the data is extracted into the metadata properties in Alfresco.


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