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Advanced search is not taking into account the current site context


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      Using the Basic Search the scope of the search is restricted to the current site, all sites or the whole Alfresco repository.
      However, the Advanced Search only searches the entire repository.
      The different filtering approaches between the Basic Search and the Advanced Search are confusing to users as the numbers of search results found vary according to whether you use the Advanced Search or the Basic (due to the restricted scope of the Basic Search).
      Furthermore the Repository search configuration option of the share-config should apply as well to the advance search.

      [Steps to reproduce]:
      1. Display a site dashboard
      2. Click on the Advanced Search button (top right of screen to left of search field)
      2. Enter a search term into the keywords field
      3. Click on search

      [Expected Behaviour]:
      The advanced search should be restricted to the current site.

      [Observed Behaviour]:
      The advanced search is executed against the whol repository.

      [Analysis to date]:
      1.) By default the repository search configuration option (repository-search) of the share-config.xml is set to "context"
      2.) The advsearch.get.js should be updated to initialize searchRepo at "true" only when the repository-search option is set to "always" (after that change we can still see "xx result(s) found in repository." at the top of the result list so this will need to be updated as well)
      3.) Setting repository-search to "none" will allow advanced searches to be restricted to the current site but would have for side effect to make impossible searches against the repository


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