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Deleting a link causes huge memory and cache usage and eventually OOM error


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      I have a system with 100,000 real documents, many users, sites etc.

      I created a Link to an document from one site to another. I visited the link object, and selected the Delete Link action on the link.

      Share showed the Deleting Link... message but never returns. The repo server GC memory usage starts to go crazy and eventually OOM errors.

      Here are a couple of the GC traces, I restarted the server and tried again got same result. I am able to delete individual files, folders etc. OK - just deleting the link that causes the problem. Note the messages:
      Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.cache.node.nodesTransactionalCache' is full

      [Full GC (Ergonomics)  2338723K->1558168K(2796544K), 1.5443114 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  1908376K->1582073K(2796544K), 0.0187680 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  1932281K->1601337K(2796544K), 0.0278217 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  1951545K->1624761K(2796544K), 0.0306792 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  1974969K->1650622K(2796544K), 0.0358871 secs]
      2016-11-30 11:04:14,103  WARN  [cache.node.nodesTransactionalCache] [http-bio-8080-exec-145] Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.cache.node.nodesTransactionalCache' is full (125000).
       [GC (Allocation Failure)  2000830K->1676236K(2796544K), 0.0405277 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2026444K->1705192K(2796544K), 0.0588268 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2055400K->1733731K(2796544K), 0.0682498 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2083939K->1758498K(2796544K), 0.0460869 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2108706K->1787598K(2796544K), 0.0333041 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2137806K->1816125K(2796544K), 0.0286656 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2166333K->1843051K(2796544K), 0.0301390 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2193259K->1868292K(2796544K), 0.0208870 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2218500K->1894080K(2472448K), 0.0301885 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2244288K->1917409K(2787840K), 0.0240522 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2281953K->1938987K(2531840K), 0.0301277 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2303531K->1961755K(2748928K), 0.0353157 secs]
      2016-11-30 11:04:31,507  WARN  [cache.node.aspectsTransactionalCache] [http-bio-8080-exec-145] Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.cache.node.aspectsTransactionalCache' is full (65000).
       2016-11-30 11:04:31,516  WARN  [cache.node.propertiesTransactionalCache] [http-bio-8080-exec-145] Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.cache.node.propertiesTransactionalCache' is full (65000).
       [GC (Allocation Failure)  2343707K->1984795K(2767872K), 0.0404085 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2366747K->2006519K(2778112K), 0.0439451 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2409463K->2029605K(2778112K), 0.0525858 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2432549K->2052862K(2796032K), 0.0529574 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2467582K->2076863K(2808320K), 0.0660920 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2491583K->2100938K(2787328K), 0.1141700 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2476746K->2121596K(2725888K), 0.0864013 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2497404K->2145631K(2796544K), 0.0717918 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2495839K->2168267K(2796544K), 0.0731712 secs]
      2016-11-30 11:04:41,526  WARN  [alfresco.cache.contentUrlTransactionalCache] [http-bio-8080-exec-145] Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.cache.contentUrlTransactionalCache' is full (65000).
       [GC (Allocation Failure)  2518475K->2191919K(2796544K), 0.0702551 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2542127K->2214067K(2598400K), 0.0648697 secs]
      [Full GC (Ergonomics)  2446889K->2440513K(2598400K), 3.3201693 secs]
      [Full GC (Ergonomics)  2447263K->2440986K(2598400K), 2.1846786 secs]
      [Full GC (Ergonomics)  2447262K->2440913K(2598400K), 2.1241984 secs]
      [Full GC (Ergonomics)  2447191K->2440844K(2598400K), 2.6851807 secs]
      [Full GC (Ergonomics)  2447064K->2441017K(2598400K), 2.6735348 secs]
      [Full GC (Ergonomics)  2447038K->2441064K(2598400K), 2.7017655 secs]

      Another example:

      [GC (Allocation Failure)  1957508K->1365118K(2701312K), 0.0395707 secs]
      2016-11-30 11:14:01,356  WARN  [cache.node.nodesTransactionalCache] [http-bio-8080-exec-6] Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.cache.node.nodesTransactionalCache' is full (125000).
       2016-11-30 11:14:01,581  WARN  [alfresco.cache.contentUrlTransactionalCache] [http-bio-8080-exec-6] Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.cache.contentUrlTransactionalCache' is full (65000).
       [GC (Allocation Failure)  1958526K->1389194K(2517504K), 0.0291685 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  1982602K->1413117K(2690560K), 0.0322882 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2015229K->1441454K(2681856K), 0.0283358 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2043566K->1467069K(2710016K), 0.0283150 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2108093K->1493986K(2701312K), 0.0429805 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  1940337K->1512576K(2724352K), 0.0405557 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2048979K->1732184K(2731008K), 0.0683617 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2395736K->1980602K(2931712K), 0.0849081 secs]
      [Full GC (Ergonomics)  1980602K->1520645K(2931712K), 0.9615854 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2186757K->1557700K(2943488K), 0.0272073 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2223812K->1585903K(2946560K), 0.0342206 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2276591K->1617317K(2957312K), 0.0398680 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2308005K->1646079K(2969600K), 0.0249739 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2357247K->1676537K(2973696K), 0.0246083 secs]
      [GC (Allocation Failure)  2387705K->1927540K(2964480K), 0.0515717 secs]
      [Full GC (Ergonomics)  1927540K->1585461K(2964480K), 1.0802325 secs]
      2016-11-30 11:14:27,897  WARN  [cache.node.aspectsTransactionalCache] [http-bio-8080-exec-6] Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.cache.node.aspectsTransactionalCache' is full (65000).
       2016-11-30 11:14:27,929  WARN  [cache.node.propertiesTransactionalCache] [http-bio-8080-exec-6] Transactional update cache 'org.alfresco.cache.node.propertiesTransactionalCache' is full (65000).
       [GC (Allocation Failure)  2306869K->1615129K(2972672K), 0.0176288 secs]





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