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      Enhancement request to document previewer to allow insertion of annotations via previewer that are directly mapped and associated back to the document.

      "We need to allow users to add embedded comments referencing anywhere in the document. This means users can click on current document previewer and we should be able to extend this control such that it can receive javascript events for the mouse clicks, determine line number, xy location where the user clicked on and etc. This will allow us to build embedded comments to a reference location within the document viewer."

      "When the document content is changed in the source application(e.g. MS Word), we need a way to map the location we previously saved for the comment in relation to the updated document. Essentially, we need a hook/extend from the document previewer with smarts knowing the line number, xy location and subsequently map these details to the updated document."

      Customer business impact / priority / urgency: "Per Synopsys developers' meeting with John IBall, Eric Kato, and Jim Zordani on 05/01/2014, we have a critical UI enhancement request."

      "I strongly believe providing users with the ability to annotate in the preview document is a key feature that should be part of Alfresco UI. Please help to submit an enhancement request as it is vital to the document collaboration solution provided by Alfresco."





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