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Aspects are not visible (including those from Model Manager) if any bootstrapped aspects are addable or removeable


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      I have several aspects bootstrapped in XML config files. Some of these are marked as <addable> and/or <removeable>. This is because I want the aspects to be <visible> (so I can use those aspects' presence to filter folder rules), but cannot be manually added to, or removed from, nodes. However, <visible> aspects are not visible i.e. they cannot be added to a node with the "Add Aspect" action in Share or used to filter a folder rule with the "Has Aspect" filter.

      Here's an example of one of my bootstrapped aspects:
      <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="DocumentLibrary">
               <!-- Aspects that a user can see -->
                  <aspect name="my:customer" />

               <!-- Aspects that a user can add. Same as "visible" if left empty -->
                  <aspect name="my:customer" />

               <!-- Aspects that a user can remove. Same as "visible" if left empty -->
                  <aspect name="my:customer" />

      I can add any aspect using JSconsole addon, and then see it in the "Currently Selected" list when doing "Manage Aspects", but if it's not marked as <removeable>, then I can't remove it.

      When creating a new aspect in the Model Manager, that aspect is not visible (even though it is configured internally as <visible>, as seen in the config if you export it).

      If ANY bootstrapped aspects are added to the <addable> or <removeable> config sections, then ALL aspects need to be added those sections, to be addable, removeable or even just VISIBLE. It seems the <visible> list is ignored if <addable> or <removeable> is populated.

      Aspects defined in the Model Manager therefore WON'T be visible unless you ALSO add them to a bootstrapped config section (i.e. <addable> or <removeable>), which makes them next to useless.





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