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CLONE MNT-17231 - When a tag newly created is added the tags are not updated in the edit form


    • Type: Bug
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    • Resolution: Unresolved
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    • Fix Version/s: 5.2.N, 6.0.N, 6.N
    • Component/s: Share Application
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      tomcat, postgresql, Chrome, Firefox, Safari


      When a user creates a new tag in the tag picker popup the new tag does not appear in the edit form although it will be added when saving the form.
      As soon as a newly created tag is added in the picker all other changes to the existing tags attached to the document are not updated in the form view.
      [Steps to reproduce]:
      1- Add the following JVM arguments before the first launch of Alfresco (empty Database)

      -Duser.language=fr -Duser.region=FR

      2-Start Alfresco
      3- Go to any document in the Document Library view
      4- Click on "Edit properties"
      5- Click "Select" to open the tag picker
      6- Create a new tag named "tag1"
      7- Click "Ok"
      8- Check the list of tags attached to the document below the "Tags" label

      [Expected Behaviour]:
      The list of tags attached to the document is updated when the newly created tag is added.

      [Observed Behaviour]:
      The list of tags attached to the document is not updated as soon as a newly created tag is added.

      [Additional investigations]
      There is a hidden input field containing all noderefs from the tags attached to the document.
      This field is correctly updated by the tag picker and that's why when saving the form the tag update is saved.
      But the divs containing the tag labels are not updated if a newly created tag was added to the document.
      The tags were displayed as if they were categories (with a file icon) in the edit metadata form in my environments whereas they are displayed as tags (with a round border) on TS and the Cloud. I've attached screenshot corresponding to both TS and my environment.
      In object-finder.js an hard coded value of the item.displayPath is used at several places to test if the item returned is a category or a tag.


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