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Allow Users in GROUP_CREATORS group to make and manage groups



      Submit enhancement request per customer request:-

      During DevCon 2011, I spoke with Mike Farman about allowing non-admin users to create and manager groups. The below are notes from that conversation.

      Currently, creating and viewing groups are admin level actions. We would like to see Alfresco allow users in a GROUP_CREATORS group to be able to create and manager groups. This is similar to users in the SITE_CREATORS group being able to create sites.

      Currently there exists no way for our Site Managers to use groups due to not being able to view which members are in what group. It is only after the site manager adds a group to a site, that they can see who is actually in that group.

      Groups would be highly useful for piecing together test teams. Rather than inviting dozens of individual persons to a test, the Site Manager could invite a few groups needed. Groups, however, are not currently being used due to the fact that Site Managers cannot create, manage or view groups prior to them being added to a Site in Share.

      In our situation, it is of extreme importance that the personnel of one customer not find themselves in a competing customer's group or site. Because the Site Manager cannot view, create, or manager groups, there is no confidence that this situation will not occur.

      If Site Managers could be added to a GROUP_CREATORS group that allowed them to create, own, manage and view their own groups for use throughout Share, the usability of groups and Share in general would be greatly improved.


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