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As a Facet Manager I can manage the properties that are used for faceted search results



      "As a Facet Manager" I can manage the properties that are used for faceted search results"

      • ACE-219 specifies the requirement to be able to perform faceted search
      • ACE-845 specifies a requirement to be able to configure the properties used for faceted search (e.g. not necessarily done in the UI, but via configuration files)
      • ACE-270 specifies a requirement to have a page provided for Facet Managers to be able to manage faceted search
      • ACE-261 specifies a follow-on requirement to this that allows individual users to control the properties used for a faceted search
      • ACE-850, ACE-851 and ACE-852 specify requirements that allow Facet Managers to control the behaviour of all facet properties

      This user story specifies a requirement for Facet Managers to be able to override the default properties used for every faceted search.

      PLEASE NOTE: If this user story ever gets in danger of getting into a Sprint then it needs to be further broken down into individual add and remove user stories

      Users should not be overwhelmed with facets, some metadata is for internal use only and not suitable for search result facets. Delegated admin authority for 'Faceted Managers' provides ability to define the available facets for search

      MOCKUP: https://ts.alfresco.com/share/page/site/43-enterprise-release/document-details?nodeRef=workspace://SpacesStore/bdffc9b0-7b6b-428e-a275-3ddbde5de936

      Acceptance Test Criteria:

      1. Only members of the Administrators or Search Administrators group (on Enterprise) or the Network Admin (on Cloud) should see the link to the faceted search config page
      2. If a user who is not authorised to modify facets attempts to view the page via a direct URL they will not see the facet config (will see a message indicating they don't have the correct authority)
      3. User can create a new filter
      4. User can delete a non-default filter
      5. User can modify all the properties of a filter except:
        • The filter id
        • Whether or not it is default
      6. Users cannot delete a "default" filter (no option to delete the filter will be displayed in the UI)
      7. Users can re-order filters one position at a time (this constraint is for technical reasons)
      8. All string values should be escaped to prevent XSS errors (e.g. filter ids, display names, etc containing "<script>alert("fail")</script>" should not be processed by the browser)
      9. Should pass WAVE accessibility test (not a QA Automation test)
      10. Should be possible to re-order, delete, etc via keyboard (not a QA Automation test - should be done in Aikau unit test)
      11. Facet updates should be reflected on the faceted search page
        • ensure that site scoped facets only appear in searches performed from within a site
        • ensure that disabled facets are not shown on the search page
        • ensure that display names are shown correctly
        • check configured max results, filter value length, order, hits threshold, etc are all honoured correctly
      12. Ensure that default facet property overrides are correctly applied (e.g. default system values can be overridden by UI made updates).
      13. Check that web-extension overrides are honoured (not QA Automation test - this should be done via unit test)


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